Citizenship Applications


Legal Assistance in Calgary for Citizenship Application in Canada

Citizenship Applications

Phoenix Legal also assists in the preparation of citizenship applications and related potential issues that affect both eligibility and the ultimate disposition of the application. We can also assist you in navigating the new rules affecting citizenship of children born abroad.

Multiple Absences from Canada

In certain circumstances, an application for citizenship can still be approved even if you do NOT meet the requirement of 1095 days in Canada within the 5 years preceding the date of your application. 

Please contact us before you make the application, or if you have been given a residency questionnaire, before you submit that document. In most cases, the questionnaire is given to the applicant where the reviewing official may have doubt about the residency of the applicant. We can provide you with the advice and guidance you need to ensure that the questionnaire is prepared and presented with the proper documentation to support your application and residency position.

Please contact our office to learn more.

Refusals & Appeals

Phoenix Legal can assist in the filing and prosecution of an appeal of the decision of a citizenship judge, or Minister’s decision to reject a positive recommendation to approve the application, to the Federal Court. The court can in this instance reverse the decision and grant the applicant citizenship, or direct that the application be reassessed by a different citizenship judge. Like the judicial review process, time limitations govern the filing of documentation and it is important that you proceed with the appeal as soon as practical.

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