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Permanent Residency Card Renewal in Calgary – Residency Obligation – Travel Document

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Phoenix Legal can assist with the preparation and filing of an application to renew your permanent residence card, taking into account the residency obligation and the challenges faced by individuals who are required to be abroad for employment or other business reasons. A permanent resident outside of Canada will not be permitted to board any commercial passenger carrier (i.e. airliner, bus line, train etc.) without producing a valid permanent resident card. The resident must either apply for a travel document, or apply to renew the card.

We have represented many individuals who were outside of Canada and whose card had to be renewed. For those wanting to return to Canada, such a situation presents significant issues that could have serious ramifications. The application for a travel document is also a residency determination opportunity that could lead to the applicant’s loss of permanent residence if the residency obligation has not been met-have accumulated the required 730 days in the five years preceding the date of the travel document application.

Phoenix can assist in the preparation and submission of a travel document application and supporting documentation, including humanitarian and compassionate submissions that could “redeem” your status and avoid the lengthy delays involved in a potentially costly residency appeal with the Immigration Appeal Division. Accordingly, careful strategic residency maintenance planning can minimize the possibility of being found in breach of Section 28 of the Act.

Federal Court and Immigration Appeal

We have conducted various successful immigration appeals in Calgary before the Appeal division.

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