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Reliable Immigration Lawyer in Calgary

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Immigration to Canada falls under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government. Each province has its own small immigration program that grants permits to individuals based on their criteria. If you are considering temporary or permanent residence anywhere in Canada, the services of an immigration lawyer can be valuable for you. Phoenix Legal is your dependable immigration lawyer in Calgary. What we offer through our firm is not simply consultancy, but consultancy backed up by legal expertise. Since immigration requires you to deal with laws, our immigration lawyer can help you with suitable legal services and guidance to ensure your immigration process happens in a smooth and timely manner.


Over a period of time, Canadian immigration law has become a thriving area for immigration lawyers. Initially, these lawyers started by helping their family members who were abroad. They then went on to assist Canadian businesses to employ foreign workers and more. If you are looking for an immigration lawyer in Calgary, Phoenix Legal is the place to be. 

We enjoy a high level of success by providing first-rate legal services for Calgary clients and throughout the world. Mr. Souraya is a lawyer in Calgary who has acquired a great deal of experience over the last 31 years. He is authorized by the Government of Canada and by the Law Society to provide legal services in the following areas:

Authorized Lawyer for Permanent and Temporary Residence

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Permanent Residence

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Permanent residence is a status of granting permission to a non-Canadian citizen to work and live in Canada. At Phoenix Legal, our professional team of immigration lawyers serves and assists you through this process, as per your unique needs. Permanent residence includes the following:

Temporary Residence

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When you are permitted to stay in a country for a certain period of time, without full citizenship, you will be given a temporary residence status. As immigration lawyers, we are well-versed with the legal aspects of the processes that have to be undertaken to acquire this type of residence and assist you expertly. Our temporary residence consultancy service includes:

Hearings & Appeals

Refusal of your visa under CEC, FSW or another category often leads to hearings and appeals. At Phoenix Legal, we understand the complexity of the immigration litigation process, which is both daunting and confusing. As your immigration lawyer in Calgary, we have a seasoned team who can provide you with quality legal services. Hearings and appeals include:

Federal court judicial review applications

Immigration appeal division hearings (Spousal and removal order appeals)

Immigration division matters – detention reviews

Criminal/medical inadmissibility

Loss of permanent resident status

General immigration act violations

Statue Of Lady Justice

Other Applications

The other applications that we deal with are as follows:

Experience Seamless Immigration Process with Phoenix Legal’s Services

When you are looking to immigrate to Canada, you always want a hassle-free experience. You might have considered hiring immigration lawyers who can make the complicated immigration process hassle-free and quick for you. However, not every law firm is equipped with the deep legal expertise necessary for this process. 

That is where the team from Phoenix Legal steps in. We are lawyers and we are well-versed with the legal technicalities of the immigration process. This allows us to guide you in a foolproof manner. Your paperwork and documents will always be on point with us at your services, and your immigration plans will never be delayed due to avoidable errors in the application process.  

Rest assured, our immigration lawyers in Calgary will make sure you get your permits on time!

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Call Us for a Consultation

Let our experience in criminal and immigration law be your guide. You can call and book an appointment, or fill our online form to learn more about our legal services. We will be happy to assist you with customized legal assistance. Stop by our office to meet our experienced immigration lawyers in Calgary.

Become a Canadian Citizen

Get legal assistance in Calgary from us for citizenship application.

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