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Immigration Lawyer Calgary – Federal Skilled Workers

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The immigration lawyer at Phoenix Legal helps with the application process for federal skilled worker programs in Calgary. Applications in this category are assessed against factors set by the Minister of Citizenship & Immigration in a series of ministerial instructions first published on June 26, 2010. A current pass mark of 67 points is required. Only eligible occupations based on job descriptions and skill levels prescribed under the National Occupation Classification (“NOC”) matrix are considered in this stream. Points are awarded for work experience, demonstrable language proficiency, age, arranged employment, demographic factors, education and previous involvement in Canada either by way of a visit, work or study period.

Federal Skilled Workers in Calgary

Legal Assistance for Temporary Foreign Workers

Temporary foreign workers are eligible to apply in this category. The applicant must have achieved 12 months of skilled work experience within the last 36 months. All applicants must have maintained their temporary resident status during their qualifying period of work experience and any period of full-time study or training in Canada. The relevant work experience must have been in occupations that meet the minimum requirements for workers with Skill Type O, or Skill Level A or B of the National Occupation Classification (NOC).

Applicants must have the qualifying work and study experience needed at the time the application is made, and effective June 26, 2010, must demonstrate knowledge of English or French by the results of an accredited English language test. Finally, applicants must have been in compliance with regulations, namely not have engaged in unauthorized work or study, not remained in Canada after the time authorized to do so has expired and not been found inadmissible to Canada on grounds such as health or security.

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