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Trusted Immigration Law Firm in Calgary

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The decision to relocate to a new country is complex, and the immigration procedure can be confusing and complicated. For that reason, you only want to work with an immigration law firm that has the experience and knowledge of the Canadian immigration system to help you with the process. Phoenix Legal is an immigration law firm based in Calgary, serving foreign nationals successfully in handling immigration procedures for the past 31 years.

Why Choose Our Immigration Law Firm in Calgary? 

The advantages of hiring Phoenix Legal to handle your immigration needs are as follows:

  • Passion for immigration law: Mr. Abdul Souraya comes from a family of immigrants who moved to Canada in the 1950s. He knows that immigrants have contributed to building this great country and is committed to assisting many more individuals seeking to make Canada their new home.

  • Thorough consultation: We offer comprehensive consultation to our clients on a full range of immigration-related matters such as residency, citizenship, or refugee status.

  • Maintaining procedural transparency: We focus on presenting a clear picture of immigration status to our clients at all points of time and on building mutual trust.

  • Many years of experience: Our immigration law firm has over 31 years of experience helping clients in Calgary and across Canada. We have the expertise, knowledge, and dedication to help you get the desired results.

Immigration Law Firm Services in Calgary

We provide a full range of immigration services in Calgary, including:

Our Firm Specializes in Success

With over 31 years of experience in complex immigration and related matters, our categorical imperative remains to provide clients with strategic and high-quality professional services in a timely manner, and suggest durable solutions that advance the objectives of the client.

Mr. Souraya is an experienced immigration lawyer in Calgary. He is a full member in good standing with both the Law Society of Alberta and in Canada’s largest and oldest legal organization, Ontario’s Law Society of Upper Canada, founded in 1797. He is the managing director of Phoenix Legal and its chief executive officer.

Mr. Souraya has been a licensed member of the Ontario Bar since 1991 and practiced law in Toronto for 10 years, before returning home to Alberta. His career has been distinguished by his commitment to assisting those who are sometimes unable to help themselves. He is a tireless advocate of client rights and is determined to ensure that the client is treated with respect and dignity during the immigration process.

Mr. Souraya’s dedication to his practice as an immigration lawyer in Calgary is highlighted by his ongoing and active participation in continuing legal education in this field. Over the last 10 years, he has attended the Canadian Bar Association National Conference on Citizenship and Immigration, held in major cities across the country. He has also had the privilege of appearing before Canada’s Parliamentary Standing Committee on Immigration to present formal submissions addressing the applicability of immigration legislation to sensitive issues of concern to vulnerable communities.

Mr. Souraya is able to provide his services in English, French, and Arabic.

Mr. Abdul Souraya, Best Immigration Lawyer in Calgary

About Me

My passion for the law and what I do comes from being raised in a small northern Alberta town by hard-working immigrants who came to Canada in the early 1950′s to seek the promise of prosperity, freedom, and peace of mind. I have first-hand knowledge of how much immigrants have contributed to the building of this great country, and am committed to assisting many more qualified immigrants seeking to make Canada their new home.

I am also a very proud father of five beautiful children, and strongly believe that what I do doesn’t stop at business. I believe in giving back to the community because to be successful you have to put 100% effort into all areas of your life. As some people say, how you do something is how you do everything. Over the last 20 years, I have served on the board of directors of several non-profit community organizations in both Toronto and Calgary and continue to be active in local affairs. I serve as co-chair of the Middle East Police Advisory Committee, along with other dedicated community leaders seeking to build a synergetic bridge between the Calgary Police Service and the many diverse communities in Calgary.

I have an honours graduate degree from McGill’s Faculty of Law and also hold an honours degree in Political Science from the University of Calgary. My career is defined by commitment to providing personalized service in an increasingly impersonal business environment. My clients are faced with complex legal questions and challenges on a daily basis, and my career, as I see it, is about helping them solve problems and get them to where they need to go. It is that simple.

In a word, at Phoenix Legal we are ready to go to work for you and help you solve your complex legal problems.

Get in touch with us today, and we will be happy to assist you.

Immigration Law Firm in Calgary

The experienced team at Phoenix Legal has the knowledge and experience to handle all your immigration needs.

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