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Tips for Applying for Canadian Citizenship

Hand holding a Canadian passport


In 2020, more than 284,000 people immigrated to Canada. People flock to Canada for its vast and beautiful environment, high standard of living, and various job opportunities. As a country with high standards, it can be daunting to apply for Canadian citizenship. But, with the right direction and a few tips and tricks, you’re sure to have a seamless Canadian citizenship process.

Things You Need to Know Before You Apply Before beginning the process, you have to make sure you meet the requirements for Canadian citizenship. Also, you need to be familiar with the application process so nothing gets forgotten. Finally, since a citizenship application is a long process, having the right attitude helps you keep from getting discouraged. Canadian Citizenship Requirements To apply for Canadian citizenship, you must have lived in Canada (as a permanent resident) for at least three out of the past five years. This also amounts to 1,095 days in the past five years. Along with living in Canada, you must speak one of Canada’s primary languages, either English or French. You may have to take a test to prove your fluency. Canada is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. To apply for citizenship, you must have no criminal convictions in the past three years, be under investigation for a crime, be in prison, or be currently charged with a crime. To be a Canadian citizen, you also must know Canadian history and government. During the application process, you’ll have to prove that you meet all the requirements. Application Process Put simply, the application process is four steps. 1. Download the Canadian Citizen Application Packet 2. Ensure you meet eligibility before submitting documents 3. Pay the application fees 4. Submit your application to immigration offices in Nova Scotia Currently, the entire processing time for gaining your Canadian citizenship is 12 months. That includes processing your application, citizen tests, interviews, and your citizenship ceremony. Avoid Common Mistakes Mistakes on your citizenship application can cause delays and can potentially be costly. Here are some of the easy to avoid, yet common, mistakes.

  • Not reading the instructions carefully

  • Filing for citizenship before being eligible

  • Not preparing for the interview or application tests

Mistakes are entirely avoidable but easy to make. To make sure your application gets filed correctly the first time, it’s a good idea to work with an immigration lawyer. Get Your Documents In Order To speed along the application process, you can have certain documents prepared ahead of time. If you’ve changed your name, make sure to have documentation of your name change such as a marriage certificate. Have a valid police certificate from any previous countries of residence (these documents say you have no criminal record.) Have travel stamps in your passport translated, so the immigration officer has an easier time reading it? Help Applying For Your Canadian Citizenship Our legal team is experienced with immigration law, and we’re happy to help. For assistance with your Canadian citizenship application, call and book an appointment or fill out an online form.


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