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How Can a Criminal Defence Lawyer Help Me?

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A criminal charge is a serious matter and the criminal justice system is complex. Calgary criminal defence lawyers at Phoenix Legal represent people dealing with all types of criminal law issues and we can help you deal with matters at any stage, from arrest and bail, to criminal investigations, charges, appeals, and post-trial issues. There are many significant benefits of having a criminal defence lawyer on your side. In this post, our criminal defence lawyer in Calgary will discuss some of the most significant ways a skilled defence lawyer can help you.

How you will benefit from having a criminal defence lawyer

Calgary-based Phoenix Legal compiled this list of the top ways a skilled criminal defence lawyer can help you and some of the most significant reasons to hire a criminal defence lawyer: • A criminal defence lawyer is devoted to defending you, and the lawyer’s job is to ensure that your rights are protected throughout the criminal process. • Criminal law is complicated. Successful defence of a criminal matter requires knowledge of case law, statutes, regulations, policies and procedures. The average person cannot be expected to know the rules and process. A good criminal defence lawyer will: o Take the time to explain the law and how it applies in your case; o Ensure full disclosure of the evidence against you and provide an analysis of the case based on the evidence; o Help gather evidence, including witness statements or expert opinions, to build your case; o Discuss the range of potential outcomes and all of your options for the case; o Guide you through the court process and help you prepare all necessary documents and filings. • Self-represented defendants may be taken advantage of by the prosecutor. A plea bargain to reduce a sentence or eliminate criminal charges might be your best option. In other cases, it may be in your best interests to maintain innocence and take the case to trial. An experienced criminal defence lawyer can advise you on the best course of action, and is skilled at negotiating with the prosecutor on your behalf to get you the lightest possible sentence or charges dropped. The list above is by no means exhaustive – if you would like to know more about the benefits of having a seasoned lawyer on your side, please get in touch with our Calgary criminal defence lawyers today at 403-568-3000 or submit this online form.

There is often more at stake than you realize if charged with a criminal offence

Whether or not you think that the charges against you are serious, there may be a lot more at risk than is immediately apparent. Of course, a criminal conviction can result in jail time or significant fines or penalties. But a criminal record can also lead to far-reaching negative implications in your life. It may mean loss of employment opportunities, restricted ability to travel, inability to volunteer (for example, if you need to do a criminal record check to volunteer at your child’s school), or suspension of your driving privileges.

Criminal conviction has serious repercussions for permanent residents or non-citizens

The repercussions may be even more serious if you are a non-citizen or in the process of immigrating to Canada. For example, as our Calgary lawyers previously discussed, a new law in Canada has made the consequences for driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs and/or alcohol even more serious for temporary and permanent residents of Canada – a conviction may make you inadmissible to enter Canada or lead to loss of permanent resident status. Contact us as soon as possible at 403-568-3000 if you are at risk of deportation from Canada due to criminal charges or wish to bring an immigration appeal in Calgary.

Need help or more information? Talk to an experienced Calgary criminal defence lawyer

To speak with a Calgary criminal defence lawyer at Phoenix Legal about your options and the ways that hiring us will benefit you, call our office today at 403-568-3000 or complete the online form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to providing you with customized legal assistance in criminal law matters. Our commitment to providing access to premier criminal defence services in Calgary extends to consideration of payment options that works for both you and our firm, and we offer services in English, French and Arabic.


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