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Legal Assistance in Calgary for Permanent Residency in Canada

At Phoenix Legal, we can help you through the process of seeking permanent residency in Canada. Whether you are interested in the Federal Skilled Worker program or family sponsorship, we can work with you on the application process. Call us today for more information.


We offer assistance for sponsorships of a spouse, partner, dependent children and parents. We can also assist in the adoption of a child for permanent residence in Canada.


There are a variety of programs available that are dedicated to bringing qualified, skilled workers and those who wish to invest financially in Canadian business. We can help you determine the right program that suits your needs.

In early 2015, the government will launch a new active recruitment model known as the “Express Entry” system. This system will prioritize processing for people with the skills to succeed in Canada, and not in order of the receipt of the application. Call us today to learn more


Temporary Foreign Workers are eligible to apply in this category. The applicant must have achieved 12 months of skilled work experience within the last 36 months. All applicants must have maintained their temporary resident status during their qualifying period of work experience and any period of full-time study or training in Canada. Applicants must have the qualifying work and study experience needed at the time the application is made, and effective June 26, 2010, must demonstrate knowledge of English or French by the results of an accredited English language test. Finally, applicants must have been in compliance with regulations, namely not have engaged in unauthorized work or study, not remained in Canada after the time authorized to do so has expired and not been found inadmissible to Canada on grounds such as health or security.


Phoenix Legal is prepared to assist eligible applicants who wish to work in Canada as temporary workers or those wishing to seek permanent residence in the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP). We can also assist in the preparation of similar applications in other provincial nominee programs.


We can help with the preparation and submission of an application for permanent residence if you are able to procure a commitment of an accredited investor.


This is truly the last resort for many applicants who would not otherwise be admissible to Canada in other categories. In order for an application to succeed under this section, undue hardship and sufficient compassionate and humanitarian grounds must be demonstrable in the circumstances. We can help you through the process.

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