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Dependable Temporary Residence Lawyer in Calgary

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Current and future demographic trends, coupled with labour shortages at both the national and local levels, indicate that foreign labour will continue to be relied upon to meet Canada’s labour needs. If you need assistance in applying for a work permit in Calgary, rely on us. Phoenix Legal’s temporary residence lawyers in Calgary can help you with immigration applications. We strive to help our clients accomplish their immigration-related objectives. We help our clients by providing them with dynamic solutions to the complex challenges posed by Canadian immigration law.

Work Permits

At Phoenix Legal, we provide a comprehensive process package commencing with the application for a labour market opinion (LMO) with Service Canada, followed by the preparation and submission of the work permit applications under the existing criteria outlined in the act and the regulations.


Your situation may allow you to work in Canada without a work permit, provided certain conditions are met, or you may be permitted to engage in employment pursuant to agreements like the North American Free Trade Agreement [NAFTA] and other international bilateral treaty arrangements with Canada.


To gain a work permit, it is important to get a Canadian job offer. After receiving a job offer from a Canadian employer, one can begin the process of obtaining a work permit. As per the Canadian Immigration law, there are several categories of work permit exemption as well. In some cases, a work permit exemption allows individuals to enter the Canadian labour market without a Canadian work permit.

How Can We Help?

Handling cases related to immigration law requires expertise and experience. At Phoenix Legal, our team of temporary residence lawyers in Calgary offers professional assistance and guidance on immigration rules. We can help you in the following areas:

Temporary Resident Permits

A Temporary Resident Permit (“TRP” formerly known as the Minister’s Permit) can assist foreign nationals who wish to enter Canada, but face inadmissibility stemming from security, medical or criminality issues. The TRP can overcome the inadmissibility and permit a foreign national to enter, work, study and remain in Canada.

If you have criminality issues, we can assist in the immigration rehabilitation application process taking you closer to becoming a permanent resident.

Purpose of Temporary Residence Permit

The provisions regarding Temporary Residence Permits can be found in section 24 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act IRPA. These provisions also operate to mitigate the stringent consequences of the strict application of the IRPA, in certain cases where there may be “compelling reasons” to allow a foreign national to enter Canada even if he or she is otherwise not admissible. Temporary Residence Permits allow Canadian authorities to respond to applications filed under special circumstances while meeting Canada’s social, humanitarian, and economic commitments.


From individuals seeking to visit their family members in Canada to those seeking to enter on humanitarian grounds to professional athletes, artists and emergency workers, Canada gets the highest number of applications for Temporary Residence Permits among the most popular countries of the world. At Phoenix Legal, we handle many TRP applications every year. Call us to get complete assistance in securing a temporary residence permit in Canada.

Visiting and Studying

The first and foremost step to obtaining a Canadian study permit is to secure admission to a Canadian institution. A study permit is not required for educational programs that are for a duration of six months or less. These documents authorize intending temporary residents to visit or study in Canada subject to certain conditions that must be observed by the temporary resident. We can assist in preparing a customized letter of invitation and declaration of support should you wish to invite a friend or relative.

At Phoenix Legal, we are prepared to assist intending students by providing useful information on studying in Canada and other information to help foreign student obtain a letter of acceptance from a post-secondary institution.

Schedule an Appointment

Contact our temporary residence lawyers in Calgary and book an appointment to discuss your case. We understand how important immigration issues are and strive to provide you with efficient solutions. We also specialize in business and criminal law. Please fill out our online form for further questions about our legal services.

Federal Skilled Workers

You can seek legal assistance for temporary foreign workers from us.

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